Riding to my office

The bicycle as a way of seeing the life, it is also useful tool, so simple. When we say, “it is a lifestyle” … sounds so trivial, that we don’t realize the importance of what we say. The implications of becoming aware of those four words together, and the fact of the weight of those words should not require more essays or explanations, but let’s continue…

The bicycle is a way to return us to a more human point of view of ourselves, a way to get closer to that really led us to make us human, men and women who know part of a whole larger than themselves and which  are part of that, we are not more nor less than the forest, the sea, the desert but are part of them. We are not above the fawn, pork or chicken, or below the great Orca or the Tiger but with them, we are part of a wonderful world, an environment which, in its own balance, is a miracle in the immensity of the universe.

I reached these thoughts when I rode one morning as others, while I taking my bike headed toward a day’s work. Riding through the streets, listening to birds chirping… yes, even above the trills “run-run” of the dehumanizing car … With all that, I rode into my office, for the crosswalk on the great congestion over the “highway (not speedway)”. But my bike does not make me rise above the cars or the traffic, I’m not under the motorcycle goes in the opposite way or whom, in the desperation, hit’s the horn even to the fly that dared to stop for a second in the windshield of the car.

My bike and I, we’re part of this current mess, but we are the call of our own nature to return to the simple, to the human, to leverage our own ability to move at a pace that is not artificial and that eventually we will making the most of living here and now … 


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