Of freedoms and consciences

Feel free. Why? Because you are, simply because of that. Do you realize how good you feel when you cycle on a bike? A new route is an adventure full of emotion. A route that you ride again is an experience full of anecdotes and re-signified.

You go in a cyclist group and the rumor of two is a bustle. If you ride alone time to time it is a symphony of your soul giving you personalized lessons to live your life in a better way … isn’t?

Suddenly you discover the heavy climb that was dirt and you climbed few weeks ago is now paved. You get sad, or maybe you get upset because of this “urban development”. You must to stop blaming, now we have only to discover that the rise is still there. The tilt has not gone away and it should continue to cost you work, that’s not even what. Today you must climb faster, simply because they have already flattened the rise.

This is what each trail is, we must find what we should achieve this time. Each one carries his or her demons and everyone brings the ways to defeat them or maybe better; Overcome them!

This time it can be to start slowly and then cut several seconds to the first climb. Or you may have had something slightly different breakfast and want to find out how long you can wait until you have to drink the first sip of water or the first fist of nuts. Maybe you want to be able to climb that swing without change of speed or you want to feel that curve in which the last time you braked because you almost fell down.

What will it play this time? We have to discover it, like every day we leave home to go to our personal tasks, when we are really aware that we are alive and not just get on the car and mechanically drive or let you be driven around the city. Those days are the ones giving a reason to this life, and that have their cherry on the top if you also ride the bike that day; to go to the office, if you go to train or if you go to bring the “tortillas”. Do it every day and enjoy every moment, in your car, in your place, in your home, as the times when you go in the trail, in that surprising ford , in that climb driven by your own thoughts or on the plain pushing the group with your stories and your jokes. When you can be conscious in your day to day as we are every weekend in the mountains, in the sand, in the forest or in the desert, you will not be one more in the city, you will be the one who can be changing this society.

Let’s go mountain biking