La Primavera forest corners

A great example of how enriching it is to ride. A few days ago I had the opportunity to share the trail with several colleagues. The magic was seen myself at certain moments riding with the “old guard”, if we can say it so. Not because they are old -not all- he he. I rode with whom I had shared trails since seven or six years … Fer, Ruben, Robert, Liz. 

And in other moments I was riding with Alex and Samuel, who are rokies that are no longer rookies, he he. They have accumulated miles and experience over the tires. 

And what gave the final touch, it was in the last part of the return back and find to a “new-rookie” … the buddy Luis, coming back for years without riding and what better way to come back to ride that do it for the first time in “La Primavera” Forest.

It was a pleasure to share with all of this route, is a gift enjoy the landscapes, enjoy the sunrise in the woods and check once more the brotherhood that it develops between those who ride, among which we ventured through the breaches and the trails just by the desire to do so, for the sake of those who find places as Rober took that morning crossing back towards Tala and come back by the same way …

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