Transvolcano 2012… once more time

Again in the streets of Los Reyes, Michoacán, the colorful stained jerseys of riders coming from other states and the very heart of the Purepecha culture. The friendliness and camaraderie flow to the rhythm of pedaling dozens riders on their bikes, we undertake the challenge to ride the 40 miles between this city and Angahuan village, near the “baby” volcano, Paricutin. 

Many of us have rode 40 kilometers in a single trail, is not easy, especially when within that range, there is a unique climb that brings us from 1.300 mts over sea level to 2.200 mts over sea level in no more than 10 kms of the journey. It is up and up, is to think without thinking, is to concentrate without exhaustion. Energy is found in every corner of each of our muscles and keep going, we encourage each other that passes to us, is to echo these spirits and encourage us to ourselves, as in life itself. 

After 3 hours, we find the first trophy of this adventure, the arrival at the ruins of San Juan Parangaricutiro, buried in the birth of Paricutin volcanoNow at the side of tenacious temple that resisted the lava up the posts of some of the finest “quesadillas” that I had been tasted. Here we stopped to count the first details of this epicroute, we get to see other cyclists as we stopped to refuel and take the final leg to Angahuan, where more trophies we collected during the weekend,companionship, friendship, reunion with old friends, meet new, enjoy a cold beer that tastes heavenly after these 40 kilometers of enthusiasm, tenacity, endurance and self-conquestWe all left without medals achieved without economic bag claimsimply the fact of achieve improving ourselves, so Transvolcano always be the route that is made to enjoy!

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