Today I rode. (was last Sunday)

I’m a bit tired; it hurts a little my neck and feels my legs hardened.  I think I’m still dehydrated, but hey! I can fix me with some fluid and a good night’s rest. The best is the bundle of memories and experience that I brought after a morning shot up to the Tower 1 (Planillas mountain), and then, descending through pines, ocher touching the leaves of the oaks that dilated start shedding their skin a few days before initiation of spring in this northern hemisphere

They were a couple of hours in which my perspective of my life gave me serenity. I shine my hope up in a word that really is changing, in the spirit of the earth, in its sprints, its clouds, in those stars that silent and patients are waiting that we realize that the accumulation does not give satisfaction but sharing and finding a balance with our mother earth what really gives us the satisfaction of being human, enjoy this piece of land you have given us for a few years as just to leave it in a better condition that we received it.


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