Another lesson over the wheels

To get out riding in my bike, is a different way to move, it is also what others would say “my statement to the world” that there are another ways, another paths. It seems like I can became in the instructor, the teacher, but I think that it’s totally in the other way. I continue getting lessons from my bike and this is starting to be, like a friend of mine would say, “a life style”.

The other day I rode in my forest, here I left some images, but are just a few of all that beautiful and peace that I saw in the trail, also is just a bit of feel my hands driven my bike and letting that my bike driving me also. I was hearing that at beginning would seems an unusual silence but it could be like an abstinence syndrome after that all day mine hears are attacked by the absurd sound of the city, that one which distracting us and stunning us. The noise including in our teenager songs that don’t have sense and they use to avoid growth and didn’t hear themselves.

Here over the wheels is necessary to avoid to hear the noise and put attention to the sounds, you need to feel the change in the terrain, hearing the tone difference when you left the “solid” grave and get into the soft sand, or when you avoid a branch from your head and hear another one breaking below your wheel and you need to compensate the steadiness.

These are little life lessons that you need to apply and to make silence in your mind when you’re crossing the wood bridge seeing only the meter and a half in front and don’t concern for the two meters below. You need to leave your bike find its way in that risky downhill instead to you force the riding down, at the end the team work will prevent a hit or fall and its consequences…

In the same way that our old classes in the school, when you are riding your mates, the ride is productive because each one is sharing what each one knows, we share those thing that we hear from our teacher, also together we push to the other, we find and propose new challenges, those days when we get out to ride.

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