Awaiting the green

Tom and Liz riding among blackened trees and ashes

Almost one month passed since the great fire in “La Primavera” Forest (April 22nd to 25th), the mobilization of civil society was awesome and very motivating, so much, that even the government wanted to join. Up came the president and promised to replant millions of trees … well, I want to stay with it was simply because they are well meaning and not be ignorant of the processes actually needed to care for and restore a forest. It was a first impulse and as always, just looking flashy and get it right in the photo of the newspapers. But the reality is different. Gentlemen, before planting and pretend to cover the facts is necessary to return to the causes, both to punish the perpetrators (those who really lit the fire without being there), not the lady who wanted to present as environmental kills, but those who want win by destroying the earth. And is that before sending planting trees, you have to plant surveillance that prevents greedy real estate want, built new houses because there is not tree now. We must motivate to irregular houses and move people to areas where if they have services and can access the education they can live with better quality and productivity. Why not sell two or three houses of the mrs. Elba Esther?(Mexico female gangster, leader of teacher union) With that money you can easily set up a little town to re-locate a number of irregular ignorance and abuse of other gangsters (like her), make them settle in where they should not.

A few weeks ago the forest suffered, but the city came to his aid, I think the collective unconscious just discovered that without the forest, the city will die. I’ll put other pictures I took last weekend, not to be sad or angry by powerlessness we all feel to see rising columns of smoke those days. They are photos that make us not forget that although we watered, we can also compose, it is necessary not only to stop being tuned, not to allow this, the gangsters want to take advantage and build houses where there had been trees. It is time to return to the forest their land, not the suburbs, not to individuals just waiting for us let’s turn down the forest and put a tar road.

On Sunday we rode Tom, Liz and I through “La Mosca” trail and the “Garrison”, the traditional route is there for about 20 years, I think the first real mountain path in the woods of “La Primavera” forest, and is impressive as the fire swept. Now it looks blackened, and the first impression is of sadness … but we must not stop there, because in another few weeks I hope that even with the blow to the attractiveness of clouds, rain forest receives a well deserved rain and we will see the gratitude of the forest to the thousands who went to his aid, green back, reborn leaves, the ashes will be the bed for trees were saved not yet be the fertile soil of a new generation of trees and even stronger resistant, as this new generation of citizens in Guadalajara starting to emerge from the slumber of apathy and are now seeking ways to better support the creation of a new society, more human, closer to itself and the nature of which depend if we want to endure.
The traces of fire in the signs
Garrison downhill, today a sad trail that we must to see with hope of a new green
Arriving to the “Glorieta” one of the most affected zones, for sure one of the areas that will flourish at all in a few weeks.

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