2012 to ride

Welcome to all to this New Year. The party wasn’t so hard than you could think in case you’re guessing about my delay to appear here. It was a lot to review, to analyze, to rest and to prepare to be ready to come here again, so this post is short but it doesn’t without meaning.

Here I show to you a composition of what it could be both, an evidence of that we rode and also a promise of that is waiting out there to be riding.
Beyond the plans, the calls to ride, the arrangements… beyond our desks, in the traffic, between the trees, the cars, the fog… in the street, the sidewalks, the roads, the tracks… in all those places the opinion of the “vets”, the coaches, the skeptics have few importance, is in that moment where are only you and your bicycle the reason to wake up, put yourself in the seat and start to pedal…

The year is starting, we’re still in the first month, is still time that you can run for your bike ans start to ride!!!
I hope you have good luck, a lot of achievements and we’ll see in the rides!


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